Cherrypicka is passionate about helping people with dreams. 
Hey dreamer...we see you.

We believe that all small businesses deserve to grow with a sound legal foundation, regardless of their budget.

Cherrypicka is for dreamers who are smart and savvy - but who may not have the funds right now to seek out custom legal advice.

Cherrypicka is co-founded by two Australian lawyers with 35+ years experience.

Cherrypicka legal templates have been carefully crafted with simplicity in front of mind. Our templates are extremely easy to use and are written in a way that will not confuse or bamboozle you or others with legal jargon.

If you don’t love our templates as much as we do, we offer a money back guarantee. Refer to our terms and conditions for further info.

Our templates will help your business build trust and credibility with suppliers, employees, contractors, customers, clients and business partners by managing expectations up front and minimising disputes or issues.


Cherrypicka recognises its own limitations. We offer templates, not advice. We are not here to replace lawyers, in fact we love lawyers! They are awesome – really. See one if you have any questions about our templates or if you think our templates are not the right fit for you.

Giving back

Cherrypicka is passionate about access to the law and helping all people have legal “Rights Now”. That is why we choose to partner with charities who provide access to legal services and support to some of the most vulnerable groups in society.

Did you know Cherrypicka donates $1 from every purchase to Women’s Legal Service Queensland?

Women’s Legal Service provides free legal and social work help to thousands of Queensland women each year whose lives are impacted by domestic violence. The specialist service is dedicated to creating safer futures for women through advocacy and programs including a statewide helpline and direct assistance. The need for help continues to increase and currently 1 in 4 calls to the Women’s Legal Service Helpline can’t be answered. All support will directly assist this important work.

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