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Client Photo Ownership Policy


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Workplace polices define the standard of conduct employers expect in the workplace. Policies act as lawful and reasonable directions to employees regarding their conduct and behaviour.  This policy document outlines the guidelines for the use of photo and recordings of your clients by your staff to ensure both parties are respected and protected in promotional work.

The policy is important because:

  • Clients are increasingly concerned about their privacy and how their photos are used online
  • Protecting the intellectual property in the images is important for your business
  • Social media representations can damage the reputation of a business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • This policy is succinct and based on general legal requirements. You may need to seek legal advice to tailor the policy to your specific industry or business.
  • Obtaining the consent of your clients to use their photographs is an essential part of this policy and all employees should be trained in your process for obtaining client consent. Online booking terms will often include a consent clause but irrespective it is best practice to always ask your clients if they are comfortable with their photos being taken and explaining to them how they may be used. Never take photos of clients without permission. Avoid photographs of children unless their parents / guardians are able to provide a valid consent to the use of the photographs.
  • If you wish to discipline an employee for breach of this policy, you must follow lawful performance management processes. We recommend you seek legal advice if you need to enforce this policy.
  • This policy is based on current legal standards and definitions, which may change over time.
  • Further information and resources can be accessed via the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and Fair Work Australia.

Workplace polices define the standard of conduct employers expect in the workplace. Policies act as lawful and reasonable directions to employees regarding their conduct and behaviour. Policies can help guide employers when faced with a workplace issue and act as a reference tool when taking disciplinary action. Policies also provide employees with a clear grievance process or tool if they witness a reportable incident.

Establishing a policy is important to:

  • Provide assurance to your client on how you will protect their privacy and use their photos are used online 
  • Protect the intellectual property of your business
  • Ensure social media representation is in line with your company’s standard and doesn’t damage the reputation of the business.
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