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Collaboration Agreement


A collaboration agreement is a binding agreement which outlines how two parties will work together on a small project to combine their resources and reach a shared objective. It sets out the expectations of each party so that each party is clear on their role and responsibilities in the running of the project. This agreement will be useful in situations where you might be running a joint event, creating a course together, referring business or creating other magic together! It is not to be used for formal joint ventures, partnerships or companies with multiple shareholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

This collaboration agreement contains the following key clauses. You will need to complete the details in the schedule on the first page.

  • A name and description of the collaboration;
  • The roles and responsibilities of each party as well as any joint obligations;
  • Any payments that need to be made – use this section to detail any payments that are made under the agreement or how any income generated from the collaboration will be shared;
  • Who will form part of the key team;
  • Whether the collaboration is exclusive
  • What reports must be provided / meetings held and how often;
  • The term of the collaboration, as well as how each party can terminate. This agreement specifies that either party can terminate by giving 7 days written notice, however, you can change this section to Increase or decrease the number of days;
  • Protections against misuse of confidential Information;
  • Intellectual Property rights; and
  • A section to add your own special conditions.

Please be aware that intellectual property arrangements may need expert advice. The agreement has been drafted to reflect the following position:

  • Each party owns any background intellectual property that they bring to the collaboration.
  • Any Intellectual property that is created together as part of the collaboration is jointly owned and can only be used for the purposes of the collaboration during the Term. If you want to use the Intellectual Property for another purpose e.g. to license it to a third party this would need to be in a separate agreement.
  • Each party grants the other party a right to use Its logo and branding for the purposes of the Collaboration but only where this has been pre-agreed in writing. E.g. you might wish to announce or promote the collaboration on your website and to do this you would need to use the logo of your collaboration partner. You could do this if you showed them the website page in advance and they agreed.

There are other ways that this clause could be drafted for example, one party could own the IP but agree to grant the other party a licence to use the IP at the end of the collaboration. As noted above, if you are unsure about the intellectual property provisions, or are creating a lot of intellectual property as part of the collaboration (e.g. a tech project) you should see a lawyer.

This Agreement should not be used where one party is engaging the other party to perform services. The Cherrypicka Contractor Agreement or the Consultancy Agreement may be better suited to this situation.

This agreement also should not be used for a complex joint venture or partnership. A collaboration agreement is best suited for a small one-off project where there Is no major Intellectual property being generated or created.

Please make sure you read through all of the terms to ensure that they suit your specific requirements.

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