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Phone, Internet and Social Media Use Policy


The primary benefit of this policy is that employees will be aware that their use of the company phones, internet and email will be monitored. This is critical given that the misuse of communication technology is often linked to bullying, harassment and discrimination. This policy can also offer an employer protection against a breach of privacy claim.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This policy outlines:

  • the conduct expected of employees during phone, email or social media communication
  • office phone usage policy
  • mobile phone policy
  • internet and email usage policy
  • cyber security rules
  • usage of employment property
  • investigation and disciplinary process for misuse
  • ability for employers to monitor phone or internet use
  • obligations outside of work

This policy is essential for any business wanting to set a standard for how their employees behave on the phone or while using the internet.

This policy notifies employees that their use of company phones, internet and email will be monitored. This is critical given misuse of communication technology is often linked to bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

This policy can help prevent misuse of technology, which is damaging for productivity and the reputation of the business.

This policy is succinct and based on general legal requirements. You may need to seek legal advice to tailor the policy to your specific industry or business.

It is generally accepted that an employee may use company email accounts and phones for reasonable personal use. We recommend the phone or internet use of an employee is only monitored if you have a valid reason to do so.

This policy is based on current legal standards and definitions, which may change over time. Further information and resources can be accessed via the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and Fair Work Australia.

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