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Intellectual Property Assignment


An IP assignment agreement transfers intellectual property from one person to another. This agreement covers payment, a description of IP, simple warranties and indemnities and confidentiality. Suitable for use by both the assignor or the assignee. Download now and complete instantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An IP Assignment Agreement covers essential key terms including:

  • A right for the assignor to assign their IP asset to the assignee. Note that the assignment will not take place until the fees have been fully paid
  • A right for the assignor to be paid consideration and fees for providing the assignee with the IP asset
  • Warranties that the IP asset is original, owned by the assignor and does not infringe someone else’s IP rights
  • A right for the assignee to use any background IP as necessary to give effect to the assignment of the IP asset
  • Consent from the assignor to assign their moral rights in the IP asset to the assignee
  • A right for both parties to indemnify the other against a breach of any term or warranty
  • A right for both parties to have any confidential information protected from misuse

When you want to transfer the ownership of your intellectual property to someone else.

To be valid, an assignment agreement requires consideration (e.g., money or other value) to be passed between the assignor and the assignee. If there is no consideration being passed, you should use a Deed of Assignment.

Be aware that this is an assignment agreement and not a licence agreement. An Assignment is a complete transfer of ownership, rights, and control of your IP to someone else. A Licence Agreement is permission to use IP – you maintain control and ownership of the IP and can provide others with access to your IP under certain conditions.

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